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Private Savings & Pension schemes

Whether you're saving for retirement, your children’s education, the purchase of a property or to prepare for a sabbatical year, the sacrifice is only worth the effort if you ultimately fulfill your objectives. 

We assume your objectives are unique, so are your personal circumstances and tax status.

Stack all the odds in your favour and take time to plan. Use our simulators, consult our advisors and discover how a professionnal approach to savings can make a huge difference!

Both our personal savings and pension plans are backed by CNP Assurances, France's largest life-insurance company. 

For more information, please contact our sales rep Bénédicte Chorley,, or call us direclty on +33 4 92 10 00 62

Assurance Vie - Plan Epargne Retraite

Assurance Vie - Plan Epargne Retraite