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Your tailored Pension Report from € 750 ttc

"As a sole trader, craftsman or business owner located in France, your purchasing power will decrease by 30 to 60% when you retire. That's a fact! "

Sign up for a Personal Pension Report. This document is a tailored, detailed and comprehensive report summarising your acquired benefits. It is also a reliable estimate of your future pension. Essential from age 45!

Our report in 10 steps:

  • Recollection of all your acquired benefits with the various pension organisations in France and Monaco *
  • Reconstitution of your career
  • Adjustment if necessary of your past benefits (10% of records are uncomplete!)
  • Calculation of your optimal retirement date
  • Calculation of your state basic and additional pensions ("retraite de base et complémentaire")
  • Pension calculation according to ongoing career hypothesis
  • Calculation of "premium" and "discount" factors
  • Assessment of the spouse rights and benefits
  • Delivery of your Personal Pension Report
  • Implementation of an efficient retirement strategy

For more information, contact our sales rep Bénédicte Chorley,, or call us direclty on +33 4  92 10 00 62.

* New!  We can now also include in our report your past career in the Netherlands, in the UK and Luxembourg.